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I’ve written quite a bit about the arts, how they interact with our faith as Christians, and how they ought to be incorporated into the lives of our churches (see here, or here, or here). In my experience, Christians are becoming increasingly open to the value of the arts, but they don’t know where to start in learning more about what art is, how it functions, and how it might be incorporated into our lives and churches. If that’s you, I’ve got a great suggestion for you.

Silo Bible Teaching for Normal PeopleWe’ve recently created two Silo courses on the arts: Art & the Bible and Engaging the Arts. The beauty of a Silo course is that the whole thing is broken up into five minute videos. This means it fits your schedule, no matter what your schedule looks like. You can work through the material in a relatively short amount of time, or you can fit the material into the gaps in your schedule, however small and infrequent these may be.

The first course, Art & the Bible, lays the foundation for a Christian understanding of the arts. The course answers questions like: What does the Bible say about art? What does it mean for a Christian to interact with art? What is Christian art? The course contends that art is a gift from God that we must pursue with joy and discernment. The second course, Engaging the Arts, builds upon the Art & the Bible course by taking on a more practical feel and addressing issues of what it means for a Christian to create art that glorifies God and communicates with the surrounding culture, how art can be an avenue for our mission as Christians, and how art can deepen our churches.

From now until the end of 2015, you can take either or both courses for 40% off. That means that either class is $15 as an individual or $12 each if you take it as a group. Just use the coupon code thearts when you pay for the course. 

I’ve embedded the first two sessions of each course below, along with the outline of each course. Our prayer is that these courses will help you grow in your love for God and his gifts, and that they will provide a catalyst for you to incorporate the arts into your life, your church, and your mission.


Art & the Bible Sign Up Button


Session 1: Reclaiming Art as a Gift from God

Art & the Bible: Reclaiming Art as a Gift of God from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 2: Art Is Deeply Humanizing

Art & the Bible: Art Is Humanizing from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 3: What Is Art?

Session 4: Art & Creation

Session 5: Art in the Bible

Session 6: Romans 1 & a Theology of Art & Culture

Session 7: Truth & Suppression

Session 8: What Makes Art Christian? Part 1

Session 9: What Makes Art Christian? Part 2

Session 10: How Art Embodies Worldview

Session 11: Is Culture a Cesspool or a Playground?

Session 12: Developing a Christian Posture Toward Art

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Session 1: What Does the Bible Say about Art?

Engaging the Arts: What Does the Bible Say About Art from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 2: How Art Communicates, Part 1

Engaging the Arts: How Art Communicates, Part 1 from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 3: How Art Communicates, Part 2

Session 4: The Dark Side of Art, Part 1

Session 5: The Dark Side of Art, Part 2

Session 6: Creating Art, Part 1

Session 7: Creating Art, Part 2

Session 8: Bad Art, Part 1

Session 9: Bad Art, Part 2

Session 10: Art & Mission, Part 1

Session 11: Art & Mission, Part 2

Session 12: Art & the Church, Part 1

Session 13: Art & the Church, Part 2

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Perhaps that sounds creepy. Let me clarify. Preston won’t be in your living room, he will be on your computer or tablet. The whole process will be simple, affordable, and effective. Here’s how.

Preston RedReaders who have had any exposure to Preston’s writing are familiar with his grasp of the Bible. I have always been particularly impressed with his ability to teach the Old Testament in a powerful, engaging, and clear manner. While his book Fight is about violence, Preston’s overview of the Old Testament’s teaching on the issue was hugely beneficial for me in simply understanding what the Old Testament is all about. The same is true of his book Charis, which is about Grace in the Old Testament. He knows these ancient books well, and he knows how to bring them to life.

You may or may not know that Preston has taught through the entire Old Testament in three Silo courses:

The Silo format means that each of these courses consists of roughly 15 sessions, and each session consists of a 5-7 minute video and some discussion questions. This is a great format for getting an overview of something as complicated and important as the Old Testament.

Normally Silo courses are $25 each, but if you use the coupon code “abraham” you can take 40% off each of these courses (offer expires December 31, 2014). This means you can cover the Old Testament in roughly 45 five-minute sessions for only $45. Or you can study these courses with a group for even less.

If you’d like to get a feel for what these three courses are like, the first two videos for each course are embedded below. If you’re ready to go, sign up for the first course here. And if you have any questions, let us know.


The First Two Sessions of the Pentateuch Course


Old Testament: Introduction to the Pentateuch from The Silo Project on Vimeo.

Old Testament: Two Ways of Reading the Old Testament from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


The First Two Sessions of the Historical Books Course

Old Testament: Introduction to the Historical Books from The Silo Project on Vimeo.

Old Testament: Joshua, Part 1 from The Silo Project on Vimeo.



The First Two Sessions of the Poetic & Prophetic Books Course

Old Testament: Introduction to the Poetic & Prophetic Books from The Silo Project on Vimeo.

Old Testament: Job from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Mark Beuving —  August 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

I’ve seen more talk about depression on social media this week than ever before. We’ve all been stunned by Robin Williams’ suicide—most of us never knew he struggled with depression. The question that keeps getting passed around is this: How could someone so funny, so apparently joyful, be depressed?

This discussion has been eye opening as more and more people are thinking about depression. I’ve also seen many people open up on social media about their own struggles with depression. Depression is far more pervasive and complex than most people assume, and we’re beginning to realize that.

In reality, there’s not one type of person who struggles with depression. Any type of person can be affected. There’s not one cause of depression. It’s not solely biological or circumstantial or personality-driven. There’s not one simple cure, whether a pill, a therapy, or a Bible verse. It’s a complex experience, and before we rush to diagnose and “fix” the problem, we need to spend a lot of time listening to and loving the people in our lives who experience depression.

For those who are beginning to think a bit more deeply about depression, I recommend this Silo course that we recently launched, featuring our own Dr. Scott Mehl. This self-paced online mini-course is $25, and it consists of 17 sessions, each of which features a 5-6 minute video and discussion questions. It’s the perfect format for those who want to think more deeply about what depression is, how it affects us, and how we can help those who are wrestling with it.

You can watch the first two sessions below, and preview the course outline here.

Counseling: Introduction to the Gospel & Depression from The Silo Project on Vimeo.

Counseling: Defining Depression from The Silo Project on Vimeo.

Sign up for “The Gospel & Depression” here.

Some of you have been waiting for this for a long time. Our Silo courses on Homosexuality, the Bible, & the Church are now ready to go! Preston Sprinkle has created two Silo courses that will help you think through the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and a gracious approach to interacting with the LGBT community and those in our churches who experience same-sex attraction.

Silo Bible Teaching for Normal PeopleFirst, a quick word about Silo. The Silo Project takes insights from our college level courses (I’m referring to Eternity Bible College) and presents them in attractive, self-paced mini-courses. Each course consists of 12–16 sessions, and each session features a 5–7 minute video with optional online discussion. It’s a perfect way to dive deeper into the Bible, theology, or ministry in the midst of a busy schedule. Each class is also affordable: $25 as an individual or $20 if you sign up with a group of 5 or more (each course also features a small group study guide). You can also license Silo courses for classroom settings at a significant discount.

Now about Preston’s courses on homosexuality. Preston’s study on homosexuality, which many of you have benefited from via this blog, is now being presented in two Silo courses. The first is entitled Homosexuality & the Bible. This course explores what the Bible says about homosexuality, gay marriage, and gender identity. Preston examines the key passages carefully and also dives into biblical principles that relate to the topic.

>> Sign up for Homosexuality & the Bible here, or start with a free trial.

Preston Sprinkle SiloThe second course is entitled Homosexuality & the Church. This course builds on the biblical foundation of the first course and explores how Christians should interact with the LGBT community and minister to and with those within our churches who experience same-sex attraction. He also explores a number of practical questions, such as:

  • Is same-sex attraction caused by “nature” or “nurture”?
  • How can I respond biblically to my same-sex attraction?
  • What do I do if a gay couple walks into my church?
  • What do I do if I think my child is gay?
  • What do I do if my child “comes out” gay?
  • Should I vote on gay marriage?
  • Should I attend my gay friends’ wedding?

>> Sign up for Homosexuality & the Church here, or start with a free trial.

Because we want all of you to be able to benefit from Preston’s careful study, we are offering both courses at a significant discount: $15 each for individuals, $12 each for groups of 5 or more. To get this discount, use the code “hbc” when you register for the course. Also, see below for preview videos and outlines for each course.


Homosexuality & the Bible

Session 1: Introduction


Homosexuality & the Bible: Introduction from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 2: Gender & Marriage in Genesis 1–2

Homosexuality & the Bible: Gender & Marriage in Genesis 1-2 from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 3: Sodom & Gomorrah

Session 4: David & Jonathan

Session 5: Leviticus 18 & 20, Part 1

Session 6: Leviticus 18 & 20, Part 2

Session 7: Jesus’ View of Homosexuality, Part 1

Session 8: Jesus’ View of Homosexuality, Part 2

Session 9: Jesus’ Posture Toward the Marginalized

Session 10: The Context of Romans 1

Session 11: The Argument of Romans 1

Session 12: Counterarguments for Romans 1, Part 1

Session 13: Counterarguments for Romans 1, Part 2

Session 14: Words Matter

Session 15: 1 Corinthians 6

Session 16: Summary

 >> Sign up for Homosexuality & the Bible here, or start with a free trial.

Homosexuality & the Church

Session 1: Introduction

Homosexuality & the Church: Introduction from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 2: Does “Nature” Cause Same-Sex Attraction?

Does “Nature” Cause Same Sex Attraction? from The Silo Project on Vimeo.


Session 3: Does “Nurture” Cause Same-Sex Attraction?

Session 4: Theologically Speaking, Does “Nature Vs. Nurture” Matter?

Session 5: Living with Same-Sex Attraction

Session 6: Celibacy, Part 1

Session 7: Celibacy, Part 2

Session 8: When a Gay Couple Walks into Church

Session 9: What Do I Do if I Think My Child Is Gay?

Session 10: What Do I Do if My Child “Comes Out” Gay?

Session 11: Should I Vote Against Gay Marriage?

Session 12: Should I Attend My Gay Friends’ Wedding?

Session 13: How Should We Relate to Those Who Disagree?

Session 14: Developing the Proper Posture

 >> Sign up for Homosexuality & the Church here, or start with a free trial.

Why Silo is Perfect for You

Mark Beuving —  October 8, 2013 — 1 Comment

Silo Pathrwight LogoMany of our readers are already familiar with The Silo Project. Essentially, we’ve taken material from our college classrooms and are offering it to normal people (i.e., non-scholars, non-theology-nerds) in an attractive, affordable, self-paced format. You can learn about worldview or Old Testament or counseling or whatever at your own pace through watching a series of five-minute videos featuring professors from Eternity Bible College.

I’ll admit that I don’t know you (unless I do). But that little detail aside, I firmly believe The Silo Project is perfect for you. Why? Here are a five reasons.


You Want to Learn & Grow

You love Jesus and want to serve him in every area of your life. But like everyone, there are parts of the Bible you don’t understand. There are current issues that you know God cares about, but you’re not entirely sure what he would say about them. There are people in your life who need help and support, but you always feel a little inadequate.

Silo courses can help you in all of these areas—they’re designed to inform, equip, and challenge you.


You Don’t Have Spare Time

You already have too many commitments. I can see that. You have a well-intentioned booklist that you’re not likely to put a dent in for years to come. You’ve come across ministry and training opportunities, but they all require commitments that would stretch your fragile schedule beyond the breaking point.

Silo courses can be started, stopped, and paused at any time. You can move through the courses at your own pace, even if you have nothing more than five-minute gaps in your schedule.


You Hate Theological Jargon

In the past, you’ve taken steps to learn more about your Bible and how to help other people, but you quickly drowned in a sea of difficult concepts and terminology. Let’s be honest: terms like “sanctification,” “exegesis,” “Abrahamic,” and a thousand others refer to important concepts, but they make learning the Bible unnecessarily difficult when they’re simply assumed rather than explained.

Silo courses explore and explain each of these concepts without appealing to obscure terminology.


Course ImageYou’ve Been Meaning to Do Something Like This

You’ve been keeping your eye open for opportunities to learn, but everything you’ve come across has either been too academic, too lightweight, too time-consuming, too cheesy, too something. It’s not that you don’t want to take the next step, you just haven’t found the perfect fit.

Well get ready, Cinderella, because this slipper was designed for your foot. Silo courses are not re-purposed videos of hours-long classroom lectures. They’re designed to help normal people learn the way normal people learn.


You’ve Been Waiting for a Discount

I also happen to know that you’re a savvy money-manager. You already sense that taking a Silo course at the standard price of $25 ($20 if you sign up with a group of five or more) is an insane deal. But if only you could get another $4 or $5 off, you’d have no choice but to sign up.

Well, here you go. Choose any course you like and enter the coupon code theologyforreallife as you register and you’ll get 20% off (offer expires Nov. 1). I should also mention that you can watch the first two sessions of any course for free.


Now that I’ve convinced you, head over to and get started with a course in studying the Bible effectively, worldview, Old Testament, New Testament, counseling, discipleship, or theology.