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The Kingdom of God

Mark Beuving —  January 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

Winterim 2013Last week, Eternity Bible College hosted its annual Winterim course, which always features distinguished guest professors teaching on a issue that is pertinent to the life and health of the church. This year, we were honored to have Dr. Joel Willitts from Northpark University teaching on the Kingdom of God. (Click here for more information about the course.)

The course itself was insightful, informative, and helpful. We decided to share the audio from this event with all of you. So here it is. Download it below and be challenged on your thinking about the Kingdom of God and its implications for your life.

The audio files we are sharing below are four of the lectures from last week. These sessions were designed to supplement the core of the class content (which was a bit more technical/academic) and was directed at ordinary church folk who wanted to deepen their understanding of the Kingdom.

You should be able to download these files by right/control clicking on each link and selecting “Save File As.” You should also be able to stream them by simply clicking on the links.


Lecture 1: Jesus the Davidic Messiah


Lecture 2: Jesus’ Messianic Manifesto


Lecture 3: The National Anthem of the Kingdom of God


Lecture 4: Kingdom Through Covenant